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Tasty Street Foods From Around the World!

Street foods have a charm and taste to them that can seldom be found in restaurants or food joints, even when the dish in question is identical. I don’t know, something about the air or the fresh nature of the ingredients, these foods always taste better than their counterparts made in posh restaurants. Every country has its food dish that is synonymous with the region and most of them are readily available on the streets. Tacos, falafel and other such foods come to mind when I talk about the best street foods found worldwide.


Falafel from Tel Aviv 

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2 comments on “Tasty Street Foods From Around the World!

  1. buildingmybento
    May 3, 2013

    The food in your picture looks good, particularly with the addition of pickles. Though, do you think Zagat would be an authority on street food? They seem to dabble in everything but that!

    • Tessa Farrell
      May 7, 2013

      Hi there! Glad to run into a fellow foodie 😛 While I agree that Zagat tends to dabble, this post at least is well written, well researched and I genuinely love the foods listed. They should have added paani puri (an indian delicacy) to the list but hey you can’t add all the street foods of the world!
      BTW I had a look over your blog, not read the whole thing (my apologies) but loved the ‘If the shoe doesn’t fit then it must be dud’ piece..quite funny and now I think about it, there are quite a few weirdly named stores in my hometown as well 😉

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